Thursday, May 10, 2012


After Addie climbs into the van after school, we go through the normal how was your day chit chat on the way to guitar, gymnastics, or home.  Here's how yesterday went:

A:  Today M told me I'm unfashionable.  She's told me that three times.  I asked her what she'd like me to wear and she said something that matches and not to wear leg warmers on my arms anymore.  I told her the package said you could wear them on your arms.

Me:  Oh, who cares?  You can wear whatever you want.

A:  I know.  I don't care.  It doesn't bother me.  Everyone thinks I'm obsessed with Justice.  I don't even have anything from there.  It's too expensive!  $20 for flip flops?  Seriously!  You can get 'em for $3 at Walmart.  

I love this kid!  I'm SO glad she doesn't let comments like this get to her.  I've always said I don't want her to take after my bad qualities.  One is caring too much about what others think.  I'm mostly over that now, but as I kid, a conversation like the above probably would've landed me in the bathroom crying.  She's always had a wonderful sense of style.  She started out young I tell ya, very young.

My Mom, who is convinced she'll be a fashion designer one day, calls it a gypsy style.  Her 4th grade teacher said in opening remarks at parent/teacher conference this year, "What an eclectic child!  She has an interesting style, but it works!"  I love that she enjoys thrift store shopping to see what kind of fun accessory, scarf, purse, or belt she can discover.  I love that her favorite store right now is The Mustache.  I love that she is learning to sew.  Middle school is just around the corner and I know that peer pressure will be harder to shrug off, but I hope she never changes.  I'd miss my Eclectic Gypsy!

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  1. I love her style! It's awesome that she doesn't cave to peer pressure or crumble at ridiculous comments about being "unfashionable" :)