Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fun Day Friday

Friday turned out to be a "Fun Day".  I decided to have lunch with Addie at school because I heard they were having a Farm to School Event.  Partnered by Apple Seeds, Inc. and Energy Corps, this event brought fresh, local food to the school lunch table.  We enjoyed baked chicken legs, snap peas, spinach salad, and fresh strawberries with cake and whipped cream.  I thought the food was both wonderful to look at and taste.  The colors were so vibrant.  It would be great if this type of meal was served every day in the lunch room.

It was fun to watch the kids at Addie's table try the foods.  Parent volunteers were walking around encouraging them to try and handing out stickers.  For the most part, we practice this way of eating at home, so Addie is used to seeing a lot of "green stuff" on her plate.  I'm proud to say she ate everything except for the cake.  I can't complain about that!  I have to mention that the chicken came from Little Portion Monastery Farm in Berryville.  We actually made a trip there a couple of years ago and bought some chicken for our freezer.  Nice people!  The strawberries were from Dickey Farms in Springdale.  We have purchased produce from them both at their farm and the Farmer's Market.  Love, love, love local foods!  Addie complained that I took her picture, but here she is enjoying her spinach salad!

One of Addie's friends and her Mom celebrate the end of the week by having "Fun Day Friday".  They have ice cream and go to the book store, pet store, or other fun store.  My girls have been begging to do this, so I finally gave in and we went to Starbucks after school.  You can't beat half-price Frappuccinos! Then Mike surprised them by taking us all to play mini-golf.  I almost stayed home to get some work and house chores done, but I'm glad I didn't.  It was a wonderful evening.  I think we have a great little golf course in Fayetteville and it is nicely shaded in most areas.  We all enjoyed ourselves.

As we were leaving, our neighbor texted and invited us over for birthday cookie cake, so "Fun Day Friday" ended on a sweet note!

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