Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Morning Muffins

We generally do weekday breakfast in shifts.  Mike and Addie eat first because they leave earlier.  Then Caroline and I eat later.  This morning she wanted muffins.  I remembered I had a package of Martha White Cranberry Orange muffin mix in the pantry.  I'm a fan of from scratch baking, but I'll occasionally buy these little mixes to have on hand in case of a muffin emergency.  I pulled out a bowl then remembered Mike mentioning we were out of milk as he walked out the door.  But.....we do have Silk Fruit & Protein Mango Peach.  I figured it was worth a shot.

Fourteen minutes later we had some perfectly fine muffins.  I couldn't really taste the mango peach, although they may have been a little more tangy than usual, in a good way.  This was a very simple example, but always improvise in the kitchen.  If you don't have something called for in a recipe, try something else.  You might end up with something really great.

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