Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What's in the Box Wednesday?

It seems like Addie is picking Wednesday for her eat at school day a lot lately!  Caroline is having a toasted sub sandwich, strawberries, and carrot chips with a little ranch dressing for dipping.

We had a wild and crazy afternoon yesterday.  At about 2:51 I got a weather alert on my phone telling me a tornado warning was issued in my area and to take cover now!   Addie was just getting off the bus, but Caroline usually doesn't get home until 3:10.  I called the school and they said they had checked and didn't see a warning (??!), and dismissal was still on schedule.  I got the laundry room (hidey hole) ready and stood in the garage with umbrellas ready to run down the hill and meet Caroline and her neighbor friend.  I waited and waited.  I called my neighbor at work worried.  We both tried calling the school again and couldn't get through.  The rain and wind picked up and then it started swirling around.  I yelled at Addie to get in the laundry room while I jumped around the garage grabbing bicycle helmets, and fell on the garage stairs.  (I always make them wear them during tornado warnings).  I was torn as to whether to hope they had kept the kids at school and get in the laundry room with Addie, or keep waiting for the bus to arrive.  The wind just kept getting worse!  Finally, I got through to the school and yes, they had kept the kids!  Finally after everything passed, they loaded the buses and I waited on my kiddo with the umbrellas again.  I was worried that she was scared, but she looked at me like I was crazy when I asked her if she was.  She said "No, it was just a drill!"  I'm glad she wasn't aware of any danger!  Needless to say, we had an exciting afternoon.  That was yesterday.  Today it's snowing.  Welcome to Arkansas!  Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Crazy for sure! So thankful everyone was ok. I was sitting in car line when I got the tornado warning alert. And the snow was so weird this morning after all that. Happy Wednesday to you!