Monday, December 3, 2012

Scenes from the Weekend

As usual we had a busy weekend.  We tried out a new (for us) local Restaurant, Hawaiian Brian's, rode the Arkansas Missouri Railroad Christmas train, and I hosted Addie's Girl Scout troop so they could work on their Simple Meals Patch.  Fun, fun fun!  Here are the pictures to prove it. :)

The 4 of us shared this delicious plate at Hawaiian Brian's.
Caroline and her friend Macy happened to wear the same shirt on the train ride.

Addie got a little too comfortable.

I was really hoping waiters were going to burst through the doors with Hot Chocolate and start singing.

There was singing, but no hot chocolate.

This was after Santa told Addie "Little girls who don't want their picture with Santa get strung up by their suspenders". Those are red suspenders hanging from her pants.
The girls picked several things they wanted to make.

They did a great job and were interested in learning.

They washed LOTS of produce.

Pizza time!

Hard at work.

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  1. I loved girl scouting! I did it all the way through high school. My troop leader recently passed away but she had a huge lasting effect on me and how I now as an adult.