Monday, December 10, 2012

Brown Paper Packages

For the past few years, we've wrapped the Christmas gifts in brown kraft paper and let the girls decorate them.  It's a fun tradition I learned from my sister who did it when her kids were younger.  The only bad thing is that it's so hard to throw it away after Christmas.  Here are some of Caroline's packages from yesterday.

And here is one of my favorites of Addie's from a Christmas past.

Other events from the weekend included Caroline's first school dance.  It was called a Snowflake Dance and they were supposed to wear their finest!

She and her friend Nora had a great time bopping around for 2 hours, even entering the dance competition.

The other big event this weekend was the annual Daddy/Daughter trip to the Nutcracker in Tulsa.  Mike has been taking Addie since she was five and this was Caroline's first year to attend.  They had a good time and added two new Nutcrackers to the collection. And I had a wonderful time taking my friend Robin out to Pei Wei's for her birthday.  That's another thing we need in NWA!

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