Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's in the Box Wednesday?

Both girls have the same lunch today with the addition of a yogurt tube for Addie.  For the wrap, I spread a wedge of Laughing Cow Light Swiss on a tortilla, added some canned chunk chicken breast, avocado, a squeeze of lime, and a dash of freshly ground salt and pepper.  To finish off, they have peaches and Thin Mints.

I haven't been doing a lot of posting lately, but here are some things that have been going on since last Wednesday.

I got a haircut and color.  I had several, several inches cut off.  Thank you Rachel at The Parlor!

Addie's troop had a booth sale at Walmart and it was freezing!  I went inside and bought some hand warmers to share.  I put mine in my shoes because I couldn't feel my toes.  They sold 410 boxes.

Caroline had her first soccer practice of the season.  Also very cold.

This is just a moment I captured Sunday morning that I loved.  Dad and daughter enjoying coffee/tea and reading at the table.

And finally, Girl Scout Thinking Day.  A day to learn about different countries and cultures.  There were booths setup for different countries and the girls went around to learn, buy crafts, and try foods.

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  1. Nice haircut!
    Thanks for sharing your Girl Scouts--great organization for teaching a variety of life skills.