Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What's in the Box Wednesday?

Addie is eating at school today.  I was frantically filling out birthday invitations for her to take to school instead of fixing her lunch.  We are so swamped with activities we had a hard time coming up with a date for the poor child's birthday party.  I'm thinking it's time to start saying no to some stuff.  I got over trying to be Super Mom years ago, but sometimes it will try to creep back up on you.  I get pretty weary of being in a go-go-go mode all the time.  And it's not good for any of us.  Everybody needs chill time!  Caroline's lunch has ham and cream cheese spirals, red grapes, and Thin Mints!  The Girl Scout cookies are in!  Monday, we helped pick up both troop's cookies from the warehouse.  Here is a comical picture of the girls surrounded in the van.  They had boxes as foot rests, and my seat belt alert kept dinging because it thought a person was in my passenger seat.

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