Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Arkansas vs. Tulsa

I went to my first Razorbacks game Saturday since moving here in 2008.  They happened to be playing Tulsa, my Alma Mater.  I had mentioned to my boss awhile back I wanted to go and he got some tickets from one of his buddies who wasn't going to use them.  The kids stayed home with a sitter and Mike's Mom and Sister drove over to go to the game.  His brother-in-law actually played football for TU and was supposed to come but he couldn't make it.  So it was the 3 of us girls in our blue and Mike in red to balance us out.  I told my boss later it was a little intimidating being a speck of blue in a sea of red since we were sitting in Arkansas season ticket seats!  We had a good time though and the weather was great.

I asked Mike if he's participating in No Shave November.  He said, "No, I'm just lazy".

I think the last time I was at a Razorback game was in college when TU played them and I came over with The Sound of the Golden Hurricane, the band.  I was in band all through high school and college.  I had to go to so many football and basketball games all those years, I got my fill of it, which is probably why I don't  make more of an effort to attend sporting events now! Oh, and I can understand why people tailgate with all of their fancy food.  The food inside the stadium is terrible!  The hot dogs are white and taste weird.  Definitely not a ballpark dog!

My favorite part is still the band

The Tulsa Flags

I had more fun watching the people on the big screen than the game.  Rosemary, from the Rincon family blog, and her two cute daughters made it on there!  It was hard to get good pictures of it with my phone though.

It was a fun day.  Maybe we'll try to make it to more games sometime!


  1. We have yet to get to a game - but I too love the band. We went to Florida State and the Marching Chiefs were always so fun to watch and listen too! :o)

  2. We were on the opposite side in the student section! It was out last game ever there so it was sad. But also happy because my mom was visiting and it was wonderful to spend time with her.