Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lisa Jackson Tell Me Summer Secrets House Party

I applied for and was chosen for another House Party!  This one was promoting Lisa Jackson's new romantic suspense crime drama, Tell Me.  My book club, The Literary Mamas came over and we had a potluck dinner and enjoyed talking about our book club selection and enjoying the party pack sent by House Party.  It included an advance copy of Tell Me, which I read before the party, and it was fabulous.  They also sent sample copies of Tell Me for my guests, a paperback copy of one of her other books, You Don't Want to Know, 2 reusable carry-all bags, cups, napkins, a notepad, chips, and salsa.  All of this came at no cost to me.  The Literary Mamas always have a wonderful time together and all of the House Party goodies made it even better.  Thanks again House Party!


  1. Christy, that's awesome!! So..was the book good? Looks like a fun time either way! Hugs!

  2. Why you no write anymore? : ( boo. Miss those yummy lunches!!