Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What's in the Box Wednesday?


It's a Halloween inspired lunch today!  Today was one of Addie's "eat at school" days, so I had a little more time since I only had one lunch to prepare.  Caroline has pumpkin pizzas made with a pumpkin cookie cutter, tortillas, pizza sauce, cheese, and turkey pepperoni for the faces.  Her spooky lunch also contains air popped popcorn with a little candy corn mixed in and a cat cut out of fruit strips, and a banana. 

Speaking of Halloween, both girls went to the annual Girl Scout pumpkin carving event with the Kappa Delta's last night.

I always love driving by the sorority houses and looking at the neat signs they make for different events.

Girls Scouts are one of the Kappa Delta's national philanthropies.  They have several events throughout the year for the Girl Scouts and this one is a favorite.  They carved pumpkins, played games, had snacks, and trick-or-treated in the house.  It was a fun evening.

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